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Six Brands In Our Retail Store You Should Know About

Six Brands In Our Retail Store You Should Know About

Here at Rock Creek Soaps we ship out a lot of online orders, but our in store shop is a hidden gem! We have an incredible retail store where you can come in and touch and smell everything! It's a delightful experience. Each time we get a customer walking into the shop, we do a happy dance on the inside. We love getting visitors! Located at 2319 4th Avenue North in Billings Montana, our storefront is stocked up with retail items ranging from stationary to jewelry to spa products. We’ve got something for everyone here. Not only that, but the products that we stock come from amazing brands that have missions to make the world a better place. With natural cosmetics, sustainable replacements, and products that will help spark inspiration, the products carried in our shop will help you to live as the happiest, healthiest, most sustainable version of yourself. Many brands that we carry in our shop will actually help you to give back with each purchase, allowing you to make a positive impact in the world. Pretty cool right? Here are six of our favorite brands that we carry in our shop that you should know about before you shop.


#1: Ruff House Print Shop


Located out of Lawrence Kansas, Ruff House Print Shop produces a myriad of stationary products that are “Intentionally designed to inspire an adventurous life.” Between planners, notebooks, recipe books, guest books, and more, Ruff House will help keep you organized in style. Our storefront carries a number of Ruff House products, including mini notepads, planners, and cute notebooks. These products have a great quality and are very durable, suited to fit all your adventures and needs. Here at Rock Creek Soaps, we always say “Life is an adventure. Never settle for ordinary.” Let Ruff House products at Rock Creek Soaps inspire you as you adventure.  Shop All Ruff House Print Shop Items 


#2: Bobo Design Studio


Bobo Design Studio creates travel themed stationery products for those seeking wanderlust and have a zest for adventure and travel. Their products are created to excite, promote nostalgia, and connect you to the freedom of being outdoors and trying new activities. These cute stationery products will help you to keep track of your travel adventures and send loved ones postcards from abroad in style. Here in our shop, we carry multiple different washi tapes, as well as sticker sheets. Use these products to connect with your inner traveler and ignite the wanderlust flame within. Shop All Bobo Design Studio Items


#3: Hippy Feet


Hippy Feet is a sock brand that is committed to supporting non-profit organizations that serve homeless youth. Every time you purchase a pair of socks, you are helping to create employment opportunities for the homeless community. Hippy Feet has recently pledged to donate 50% of their net profits to non-profit organizations that serve homeless youth. As a brand committed to sustainability, Hippy Feet produces their products with recycled materials and organically grown materials. These socks are carried in a variety of styles and sizes in our shop, and they are a customer and employee favorite! Comfortable, warm, stylish, and durable, these socks will be a great addition to your wardrobe. Rock them in style and simultaneously feel good about making a positive impact in the world. Shop All HippyFeet Items 


#4: SmartyPits


SmartyPits is a women-owned brand that is dedicated to making the world #aluminumfree. After learning about the link between aluminum in deodorant and breast cancer, SmartyPits founder created a safe deodorant that is aluminum, paraben, phthalate, propylene, and glycol free. Not to mention, the deodorants smell great and work to fight odor all day. Rock Creek Soaps carries a wide range of these deodorants, including the “sensitive skin” and unscented options. A portion of each SmartyPits sale gets donated to breast cancer research, providing free deodorant to oncology centers, survivor support events, and non-profit groups. Fight odor, keep your skin and health safe, and give back all at the same time with purchases from this brand. Our team trusts this brand on themselves and their families! We’ve been using them ourselves for a couple years now. Shop All SmartyPits Items


#5: Corvidae

Art Prints

A fellow creator in Montana, Corvidae strives to create usable art that can be used in the home time and time again. The drawings and designs are inspired by the great outdoors and adventures-a perfect brand for Rock Creek Soaps adventure lovers. Whether it’s mugs, stickers, tea towels, or compostable dish cloths, Rock Creek Soaps has all things Covidae stocked in the shop. This is a great brand to check out if you love to support artists and women owned small businesses. Not to mention, using these products will help to transform your house into a sustainable home. Who ever said sustainable living couldn’t look so pretty and artistic? Shop All Corvidae Items


#6: The Original Makeup Eraser

Makeup Eraser

The Original Makeup Eraser is a brand with a mission to eliminate the 3rd most wasteful product in the world: Wipes. 1.3 billion wipes are used daily, and each one takes over 100 years to break down. The Makeup Erasers don’t have any of the harsh ingredients and chemicals that traditional wipes do. This reusable cloth is used by simply adding water. Each Makeup Eraser can be washed and rewashed over and over again, and is equal to 3,600 wipes. The Makeup Erasers come in so many different cute styles. Here at Rock Creek Soaps, we sell multiple variations and collections of the Makeup Erasers, including the original 7 day set. Additionally, we carry the Makeup Eraser Puff: A reusable toning and exfoliating puff. If you are working on living more sustainably, this is a highly recommended brand to shop with. Shop All The Original Makeup Eraser Items.


Now that you know about a few of our favorite in store brands, it’s time to come shop! We are open Monday-Thursday from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM. If you are located locally, stop in to see us and check out some other products from these brands and others. If not, all retail items are available here on our website. Happy shopping!

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