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About Rock Creek Soaps

At Rock Creek Soaps, we are a women-owned, family business that believes in doing what’s good – for our customers, our community, and our environment. From our processes to our products, we’ve designed our company to care for people – body and soul. Each of our products – soaps, bath & shower tablets, balms and lotions – are handcrafted in Montana with all-natural ingredients. We guarantee that each and every product we make is sulfate- , paraben- , phthalate- and cruelty-free with packaging that is 100% recyclable and, in many cases, even compostable. As a purpose-driven company, we partner with local nonprofits to offer employment opportunities to women – including survivors of trafficking and abuse – who need a fresh start. Every product purchase helps us to bring even more good into the world, and we’re honored that you would choose to join us on that journey!