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Bath Bombs

Drop bath bomb tablet into bath water to release effervescent fizz & lush foam, or place bath bomb tablet directly under running water to activate bubbles.
 Sulfate Free - Paraben Free 
Phthalate Free - Not Tested on Animals

Shower Steamers

To create the perfect aromatic shower place shower steamer away from the direct spray adding a splash of water to activate. Each shower steamer tablet will last 2+ showers.
Sulfate Free - Paraben Free
Phthalate Free - Not Tested on Animals

Salt Soaks

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Sugar Scrubs

Meet the Sugar Scrub that will make you smile! Our cute little sugar cubes are cut to the perfect size for single use, no excess waste or dropping it all over! They have an easy to smash texture that is perfect for mixing with a little bit of water to create soapy sugary scrubby goodness!

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