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Body Balm

You deserve a body balm that will give you your best skin days. Our Body Balm is a solid waterless lotion, like a lip balm for your skin. 
Use it right after a shower on wet skin which feels soo so good! Apply to dry skin and feel the dryness melting away! Sensitive to scents? Choose our Fragrance Free Body Balm and feel free to apply it everywhere -face and lips too!

Lip Balm

Our Lip balms have been specially made to have the perfect glide and melt on your lips, but not in your pocket!

Hand & Body Lotion

Everyone's favorite solid lotions are now available in liquid form.

7oz Bottles perfect for you bathroom, kitchens
and even worthy for your guest bathroom.
Let everyone experience the adventure, don't settle for the ordinary.

Conditioner Bar

Our Conditioner is perfectly Ph balanced and will strengthen and revitalize hair with Pro Vitamin B-5 & Daikon Seed Extract enhance natural softness and tame frizz with the powerhouse trio of Macadamia Oil, Mango Butter & Argan Oil. 
Perfect for travel & environmentally friendly!

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