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New Product: Liquid Soap

New Product: Liquid Soap

We are most famously known for our extraordinary bar soap. Our bar soap is great for many reasons, including its all natural ingredients, its sustainability, and its amazing design and smell. We wanted our customers to continue to enjoy the soap and reap all of the benefits from it, while also being able to share the greatness with others. This is one of the reasons why we decided to create brand new liquid soap

Liquid Soap

Now your favorite solid bar soaps are also available in liquid form! Currently, the liquid soap is available on our website in four heavenly scents: Clarity, Cucumber, Warm Amber, and Lemon Berry. Clarity is a scent that is used in our Shower Steamers as well as our Loofah and Lotion. This combination of Lavender and Lemongrass essential oils creates a sensational scent that will  induce aromatherapy. Each time you wash your hands with the Clarity soap, you will be getting a mini session of aromatherapy. Throughout the day as you catch a whiff of the essential oils, you will feel instantly renewed and clarified.

Clarity Liquid Soap

The Cucumber soap is a new scent that is light, fresh, and cleansing. As a more neutral and subtle scent, Cucumber is a perfect option for those who don’t prefer sweeter smells. 

Cucumber Liquid Soap

Warm Amber is one of the most loved scents in our shop. You can find this scent in most of our products. Its rich smell of Black Amber and Vanilla is a warm and inviting scent that will make you swoon each time you smell it. Trust us when we say you will want everything in your life to smell like Warm Amber-your skin is a great place to start!

Warm Amber Liquid Soap

The Lemon Berry Soap is a fruity smelling soap, with hints of sweet huckleberries and a touch of lemon. This combination creates a citrusy scent that is refreshing and irresistible. This is a scent that the whole family will love. Regardless of what type of scent you like, we have a range of scents that will leave you smelling clean and fresh. If you want your guests to compliment the soap you have in your guest bathroom, these are the liquid soaps for you! 

Lemon Berry Liquid Soap

The new liquid soap has some of the same great natural ingredients as the bar soap, plus a few new ones. The liquid soap is made with Aloe Leaf and Jojoba Oil- hydrating ingredients that will ensure that your skin is fully moisturized on top of being clean. Most liquid soaps on the market are made with mostly water and alcohol which dries out the skin. Our liquid soap is made with natural oils such as Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E that will nourish your skin rather than drying it out. The liquid soaps also contain Organic Lavender Flower Water: diluted Lavender Essential Oil that is great for cleansing skin because of its antibacterial properties. The liquid soaps are also created with Roman Chamomile Flower Water, which is known to soothe skin. Ultimately, you can feel good about using this soap without having to worry about facing dry or irritated skin. 


One of the best things about our bar soaps is their sustainability. If you want to try our Liquid Soap but you don’t want to compromise sustainability, don’t worry. Our liquid soaps come in reusable glass bottles. When you have finished the soap, these jars are perfect for putting other products or random knick knacks in. Even if you don’t have any use for these bottles, they are 100% recyclable.


These 7 oz. bottles are perfect for putting by your bathroom and kitchen sinks or in your workspace for everyone to use and enjoy. These liquid soaps are also great gifts to give because anyone can use them. Wherever you need soap, you’ve got it! In liquid form, you will be able to transport the soap with ease. 


We get it, not everybody likes bar soap. That doesn’t hurt our feelings-there is plenty to love about liquid soap. For instance, liquid soap is easy for anyone to use. This makes it a great option for families, especially with younger children who are learning about hygiene and cleanliness. 

At the end of the day, using soap is all about staying clean and smelling good-results you will get with both our bar soap and our liquid soap. With ingredients you know and can trust, our dynamic bar soap has translated all of its greatness into liquid form that you’ll be sure to love. Check out the whole collection on our website today to check out these brand new products.

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