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New Product: Lotion

New Product: Lotion

When it comes to skincare, hydration is key. At Rock Creek Soaps, we know the importance of nourishing and hydrating the skin, which is why our products contain moisturizing ingredients. For years, one of the questions we received most often is “Do you sell lotion?” Until now, the answer has always been “Yes, as a body balm.” We used to have a liquid lotion for a few years but retired it when we introduced the body balm.  We finally have brought it back, better than ever. These lotions have better ingredients, and work just as good, if not better than our old formulation! Along with our new collection of liquid soaps, we now have four brand new Lotions that coordinate with the Liquid Soap on our website. 

Soap and Lotion

If you have been wishing for a lotion that matches the smell of your favorite soap, your wish has been granted. The Lotion is available in three of our most loved scents: Warm Amber, Clarity, and Lemon Berry, as well as one brand new scent: Cucumber. Now, you can combine your favorite soap and lotion to create a strong, long lasting scent that will keep you smelling clean all day, you will be sure to get compliments from anyone who catches a whiff of you. It’s like wearing an expensive luxury perfume-without the cost or toxic ingredients. With our Lotions, you can find your signature scent and rock it. 

If you want to receive compliments from others about how good you smell, Warm Amber is the lotion for you. With hints of Black Amber, Vanilla, and Fresh Lavender, this scent creates an inviting and warm aroma that smells the same way a hug feels. Be prepared to tell everyone where you got the lotion from, because they will surely start asking you. 

Rubbing Lotion on Hand

For skincare infused with intention, we recommend the Clarity lotion. This lotion contains Lavender and Lemongrass essential oils, which make aromatherapy easy and accessible for you at any point of the day. Each time you put on the lotion, you will be reminded of your intention of Clarity. Morning, noon, or night, hydrate your skin and have a mental reset at the same time. 

Lemon Berry lotion is made with hints of sweet Huckleberry and Citrusy Lemon scents. When these two scents come together, they create a sweet and fruity fragrance that will make you stop and smell your own skin instead of roses. You will find yourself putting the lotion on just in order to smell this amazing scent, and your skin will be hydrated in the meantime. 

Rubbing Lotion on Leg

Our Cucumber lotion has a light and clean smell, which is refreshing and neutral. The actual Cucumber & Aloe Leaf Extract make it a great lotion to use after being in the sun or water for long periods of time. For those who prefer less potent smells, this is the lotion for you as it's all naturally scented from the cucumber distillate it contains. 

These Lotions smell amazing, but that’s just a small percentage of why they’re so great. They are the perfect addition you need in order to easily elevate your skincare routine. Hydration is great for your skin, and it also makes your skin look great. With continuous use of the lotion, your skin will transform into a healthy glow of beauty and radiance. Loaded with super ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Fruit Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin E, and Sunflower Seed Oil, this Lotion collection will be a gift to your skin. Packed with fatty acids, these oils provide your skin with long lasting moisture. 

One of the best things about the new Lotions is that they have a lightweight formula. This means that the lotion will not leave your skin feeling oily or greasy. There are no harmful ingredients that could clog your pores, meaning that it is gentle enough to use even for your face. The ingredients are safe and gentle enough for people with sensitive and delicate skin. This means that the lotion is safe for the whole family to use. This lotion will look and feel lightweight while still having a significant positive impact on your skin.

Pile of Lotion

The lotions are packaged in sustainable glass bottles that are 100% recyclable and reusable. They are great to place on your bathroom sink beside your soap, or in your office space to share with others in order to become everyone’s favorite coworker. Lotion is always a great gift to give, but with Rock Creek Soaps lotion, you can give the gift of healthy, glowing, good smelling skin. 

With the combination of our soap and lotion, your skin will become your superpower. Give your skin the transformation it deserves today by checking out the entire Lotion Collection on our website today.


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