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Summer Skincare and Haircare: The Ultimate Guide

Summer Skincare and Haircare: The Ultimate Guide

The hot sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the barbequers are being dusted off…Summer is in full swing! After a long, cold winter, there is nothing better than embracing the Summer’s Sweet Sunshine. As much joy as the Sun can bring us, it can bring us just as much harm and pain if we don’t take the proper precautions. 

It’s common knowledge that too much sun exposure without sunscreen can lead to sunburn. Sunburns are damaging to skin, and they can be extremely painful. Even if you survive the sun without getting a sunburn, your skin and hair will still need some recovery after a long day in the sun. UV rays are also known to harm the skin beyond sunburn by causing premature wrinkling and aging, as well as loss of skin elasticity.


Needless to say, the Sun can be both an enemy and a friend. Caring for our hair and skin during the Summertime is obviously important, meaning that you should always remember to wear sunscreen and preventative coverage such as a hat. As you prepare to spend more time in the sun this summer, you should also prepare for your after-sun skin and hair routine. 

One thing that most people forget about when going out in the sun is lips! Lips can get extremely dry and chapped in the sun. In order to combat those dry, chapped lips, try our natural beeswax lip balm. The lip balm contains beeswax which provides a protective layer of moisturization to the lips. Beeswax is also known to protect skin against UV Rays. Lip balm can be applied to lips before going out in the sun as a protective moisturizing layer, or it can be applied after a session of sun to create relieving moisturization.

Applying Lip Balm

Body balm is similar to lip balm, but for the body. The beeswax in the body balm draws moisture to the skin and seals it in. With ingredients like mango butter and cocoa butter, the body balm is made for intense hydration so it would be perfect for using after a day of being in the sunshine. The balm can be applied just like lotion, and will provide moisturization for long periods of time.

Applying Body Balm

Have you ever wondered why your hands and feet get wrinkly after being in the water for a while? It’s actually because the outermost layer of skin which is made up of dead skin cells gets swollen in the water. Between the heat of the sun and the intensity of water, those dead skin cells are bound to be present, making your skin look dull and feel dry. Our solution for this is our Loofah Soap. This product contains a loofah in between two layers of moisturizing soap, designed to give you gentle but effective exfoliation. This soap gently removes the layer of dead skin on your body, leaving you with healthy and hydrated skin. This Loofah Soap is particularly great to use on feet to scrub away those pesky dead skin cells.

Colorful Loofah

Our brand new lotion is also great for after-sun care. This lotion contains cooling cucumber-the perfect remedy for skin that’s been feeling the heat. Cucumber is 96% water, which makes it naturally very hydrating for skin. Our lotion also contains the ultimate ingredient for treating skin that’s seen too much sun: Aloe Vera. This ingredient has long been used to treat sunburn. This ingredient contains antioxidants and enzymes that help to treat burns and irritation. Its antioxidant effect can aid in repairing sun damage. These brand new lotions are going to be your best friend this summer.

Many people take precautions to care for their skin in the sun, but end up neglecting their hair care. Hair is just as important to care for in the sun! The sun breaks down lipids in the hair, which leads to frizzy and dry hair. Too much sun exposure can also damage the internal structure of the hair, leaving you with weak hair that is vulnerable to breakage. During the summertime, it’s essential to have a consistent routine for moisturizing hair. 

Traditional shampoos are notorious for stripping the hair of its natural oils which means they draw the moisture out of your hair. Our natural Shampoo Bars contain ingredients that will nourish and moisturize your hair rather than drying it out. For instance, coconut oil locks moisture into the hair which prevents split ends and breakage and the cleansing portion of our shampoo bars are all derived from coconut oil. Argan oil, cocoa butter and macadamia nut oils all contain fatty acids that help to maintain moisture. Our Conditioner Bars contain these same great ingredients to provide moisture for your hair. Use it as a leave-in conditioner for intense moisturization, or rinse when using every day. A secondary use of the Conditioner Bars is to apply the bar on wet skin before toweling off, it makes a great all body moisturizer. 

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Not only do we have a diverse range of products that will help you care for your hair and skin this summer, our products are also adaptable enough to follow you on all your summer adventures. Our zero waste packaging ensures that you will be able to fit everything you need in a carry on bag without any concerns about TSA’s liquid limits. We also just released brand new reusable Travel Containers that are perfect for storing Bath and Body products. These containers are compliant with TSA standards, making packing cosmetics easy for you. These new containers are available on our website now. 


Camping and taking your bath in a creek? No worries: All our products are wildlife friendly-meaning they won’t damage the water or the creatures. All natural, easy to carry, zero waste packaging products: They’re the ultimate products to have by your side for summertime. Although our products are great for treating after-sun skin and hair, please note that it is still imperative to wear sunscreen and take other preventative measures. 

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