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How It's Made: Lip Balm

How It's Made: Lip Balm

When discussing skincare, caring for lips is often neglected. Although the skin on our lips seems different from the skin on our body, the lips are made up of three layers of skin. Just like skin on the body, the outermost layer is made up of mostly dead skin cells. This leaves many people with dry, chapped lips. Is anything in the world more annoying than chapped lips? Chapped lips that go untreated can even be very painful. 

Chapped Lips

As consumers storm the market searching for a solution in chapsticks, many are disappointed when they find no results. Most mainstream chapsticks/lip balms on the market actually contain ingredients that make your lips even more chapped. For instance, most popular lip balms contain menthol, alcohol, phenol, and camphor. These ingredients are all known to cause irritation and dryness. In addition, some flavors in lip balm have parabens which can actually cause disruptions to hormones. 


As makers of exceptional bath and body products, we knew that there was room for improvement in the lip balm market. We wanted our Lip Balm to be completely natural and safe to use. Not only that, we wanted our Lip Balm to actually do its job and hydrate lips! This is why we put so much thought, care, and effort into making our Lip Balm. So, how is our lip balm made? 

Our Lip Balm is made with a combination of natural oils, butters, and beeswax. Natural oils work great in Lip Balm because they are more easily absorbed by the skin. The fatty acids in these natural oils are rich in antioxidants, meaning that they create a protective barrier on the skin which protects against environmental stressors. For instance, our Lip Balm contains Avocado Oil, which is known to soothe the feelings of chapped lips and skin. Avocado Oil’s fatty acids are also known to aid your body in the process of creating new skin. This means that if you are someone who bites their lips and is often left with wounds or split lips, our Lip Balm could help your lips feel better while they’re healing. Our Lip Balm also contains Castor Oil, an ingredient commonly found in lip balms and lip glosses because of its soothing and moisturizing properties. 

Lip Balm Colorful

Our Lip Balms are also made with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, two amazing ingredients that are used in most of our products because of their effectiveness in moisturizing. The star of our Lip Balm is beeswax-the ultimate ingredient for locking in moisture. Beeswax acts like a protective seal, ensuring that moisture is long lasting. Not only is our Lip Balm made with great natural oils and butters, it is also made with flavor that is completely safe. Earlier, we mentioned the harms of parabens that come from fragrance in cosmetic products. Our flavor oils are phthalate and paraben free, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your hormones being disrupted because of a product. Our Lavender Vanilla lip balm also contains essential oils and scents that are natural and safe. If you prefer to stay away from any flavor or scent in general, we have an Unscented lip balm that is perfect for you. 


Applying Lip Balm

Lip Balm is made by combining the oils, butters, and beeswax and melting them. Once this mixture reaches a melting point, it is removed from the heat and the flavor oil is added. The Beeswax mixture dries extremely quickly, so our production team has to move quickly to pour it into lip balm molds before it hardens again. Our lip balm trays have approximately 200 slots in which lip balm tubes are inserted. Once the mixture is poured into the tubes, we allow the lip balm to dry completely. Once the lip balms are firm in their final form, the lip balms are capped and labeled one by one.

The lip balm tubes we use are the only plastic packaging we use for our products. Although the tubes are made from plastic, they are 100% recyclable. We know that most times, people store their lip balm in their bags or pockets. Without the sturdy plastic tubing, the lip balm could melt or become damaged. Because of our packaging, our lip balms are easy to carry and travel with. If you are the type of person who is always losing their lip balm, we suggest checking out lip balm holders on our website. These handmade holders are the perfect size to carry your lip balm without taking up too much space. The holders have built-in keychains, so you can place your lip balm in a place where you can always find it and easily access it.

Lip Balm Holder

Now that you know all about how leading lip balms on the market are actually drying out and chapping your lips instead of moisturizing them, you can feel confident in buying our Lip Balm. Our Lip Balm is made with only the best ingredients, and no ingredients that are harsh or toxic. The ingredients ensure that it actually works and does what it is supposed to do: Hydrate the lips and prevent chapping. Because our Lip Balm is made with so much care, it is a product that is effective and produces real results. Check out our Lip Balm collection on our website today!

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