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How it's Made: Sugar Scrubs

How it's Made: Sugar Scrubs

Sugar: It’s rich, it’s sweet, it’s fun to eat. Sugar is also a great ingredient to use in bath and body products. Sugar's rough texture makes it the perfect exfoliation tool. Using sugar in a scrub is a great way to remove dead skin cells and allow soft skin to resurface. When it comes to Sugar Scrubs, quality and ingredients matter. While the sugar is a great ingredient for exfoliation, it is even better for your skin when it is combined with additional nourishing ingredients. 

Our Sugar Scrubs have very few ingredients. This simple product is effective because the few ingredients that it does have are strong enough to stand out on their own. In addition to the natural exfoliating elements of sugar, our Sugar Scrubs also contain a base of Mango Butter, Shea Butter, and Cocoa Butter that soothes the skin. Mango Butter contains high levels of Vitamin E and C, which both have hydrating properties when applied to the skin. Shea Butter is full of several fatty acids which aid in softening and hydrating skin. Cocoa Butter’s contents help to create a protective barrier on the skin that helps to keep moisture locked in. While the sugar will remove the dead skin cells, the moisturizing butters in the Sugar Scrub will clean and restore your skin, leaving it silky smooth. 

As much as ingredients matter, how the Sugar Scrubs are made are also incredibly important. As production members of bath and body products, our team never expected to be working with as much sugar as a baker, but that’s part of what makes the production for Sugar Scrubs so fun. There are several processes we use when making our Sugar Scrubs that help to set this product apart from others on the market. 

The process for making our Sugar Scrubs begins when the butters and other ingredients are melted on a stovetop and mixed. Once all the ingredients are melted, the mixture gets poured into a bowl of sugar and stirred. The type of sugar we use is actually a mixture of pure cane sugar and granulated sugar. The combination of these sugars creates the perfect texture for exfoliation. While the mixture is still melted, it is poured onto a baker’s tray and set aside to harden overnight. Because of its liquid consistency, the sugar easily sticks to the mixture.

Sugar Scrub CubesSugar Scrubs in Bowl

The next day, the mixture gets cut into small cubes that are approximately 3/4 inch across. With the Sugar Scrubs cut into small squares, they are the perfect size for a single use. Having Sugar Scrubs in single use cubes makes it easier to use, and it makes it last longer. With these cubes, you no longer have to worry about wasting Sugar Scrubs or having them make a huge mess in the shower. Having individual Sugar Scrubs is also extremely convenient for traveling. We have reusable travel containers on our website that are perfect for storing these types of products. Taking a weekend trip? Rather than bringing an entire package of sugar scrub, grab however many cubes you need and toss them in one of our Travel Containers for easy packing and traveling. 

Packaging Sugar Scrubs

Once these cubes have been cut, they are tossed in sugar once more to ensure full coverage. The Sugar Scrub cubes are then packaged in biodegradable tubs that are plastic free. These containers can easily be recycled or reused. With zero waste packaging, you can use these products without having to worry about the environmental impact. In each tub, you can expect to receive 5 oz. of the Sugar Scrub cubes. These Sugar Scrub cubes are simple to use: Simply crush a cube in your hand, mix it with a bit of water, and use the sugary mixture as a scrub in the shower or bath. This product will exfoliate, clean, and moisturize your skin all at once, leaving you with glowing skin.

It’s no wonder these Sugar Scrubs are one of our bestselling products. Between the high quality ingredients, the effectiveness of the product, and the sustainable packaging, the Sugar Scrubs are one of the most fun products to make and to use! Sugar Scrubs are available on our website in three scents: 


Wild Nectar: Warm and inviting with agave, coconut, cactus, and sweet summer fruits!

Sweet Sunshine: Fresh just like a juicy pineapple filled with sunshine and a splash of refreshing!

Lemon Berry: Delightfully refreshing huckleberry and lemon is irresistible

Espresso: Fresh brewed cup of coffee

Brown Sugar: Smells like fresh baked cookies 

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