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Nov 2, 2022

Body Balm: New and Improved

We are always striving towards improvement. We are constantly reviewing our products and discussing how we can make them even better. We recently made the decision to give our Body Balms a total packaging makeover. Why? We care about the environment and we wanted to have packaging that is 100% sustainable. Keep reading to learn more about why we decided to revamp our Body Balm and how you will benefit from it.

Sep 28, 2022

Six Brands In Our Retail Store You Should Know About

Did you know we have a retail store? It's full of fun products that inspire you, help you to give back, and live sustainably. This blog highlights six of our favorite brands carried in our retail store. Before you shop, learn more about these brands, the products they sell in our store, and why we think you will love them so much.
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