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Simple Self-Care and Aromatherapy: Meet our Shower Steamers

Simple Self-Care and Aromatherapy: Meet our Shower Steamers

How many times have you heard of the wonders of essential oils? Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to treat various ailments, and they have completely dominated the wellness and cosmetic industries in recent years.

 Essential oils have many functions, and if you have no prior knowledge of them, navigating them and their benefits can be overwhelming. We have taken essential oils and made them easy to use by putting them into our shower steamers to create the ultimate self-care experience using aromatherapy. Turning your shower into a self-care ritual, the shower steamers are sure to enhance your bath and shower experience. 

We have six different scents of shower steamers available, each made with an intention to give you a taste of what you need in your daily life: whether it be energy, clarity, or rejuvenation, use this as a definitive guide to our shower steamer collection.



Use this shower steamer as a chance to rejuvenate your senses after a long week of work or before starting a new project. In a state of rejuvenation, you will be ready to take on anything that comes your way. Our rejuvenate steamers contain peppermint essential oil for revitalization, lemon essential oil for mood enhancement, and eucalyptus essential oil to increase feelings of relaxation. This combination of essential oils is the trifecta for making you feel like you have been rejuvenated.



Maybe you need some assistance in navigating different conflicts you may have in your life. Show up to conflict with a new level of clarity after clearing your head in a bath or shower using the Clarity tabs. Our Clarity tabs contain lemongrass essential oil: used for mental cleansing, and lavender essential oil: used for relaxation and stress relief. 

Dr. Prem Jagyasi said it best: “To live a harmonious life, all you need is clarity of mind.”



Every self-care ritual should contain an element that soothes the body, mind, and spirit. Soothing is essential to our well-being. Our Soothing steamers contain lavender essential oil, known for its relaxation properties. Use our Soothing steamers in a bath or shower to soothe your stresses and sorrows away.



Feeling bored? Lacking passion? Awaken your senses and passions by using the Awaken steamers. With the perfect combination of lemon, orange, and rosemary essential oils, these shower steamers will leave you feeling like an awakened soul, ready to live life as the best version of yourself.


It can be difficult to maintain your energy levels amidst the stress and overwhelm of our world. Working a 9-5, taking kids to extracurricular activities, prepping and cooking three meals a day for an entire family, running your own small business, getting a college degree: No matter what it is that you are juggling, energy is one major thing that can help you to succeed. Our Energize steamers contain orange and eucalyptus essential oils, meant to boost your energy and mental focus.



With everything going on in the world right now, it can be difficult to maintain positive feelings. Use the Uplifting shower steamers when the news bums you out or life has got you down. Created with essential oils that aid in mood boosting, (rosemary, lavender, and lime), these shower steamers are designed to uplift your emotions and help you to feel great.


 Whatever it is you find yourself in need of, let our shower steamers assist you in getting a dose of it. Designed with intention, each shower steamer lives up to its name. Elevate your self-care routine and pamper yourself (without the expenses of a spa!) with our collection of shower steamers, available here. 

Now that you have met our shower steamers, check out our blog post about how to use them! 

*Please be advised that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult your doctor before using essential oils

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