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How to use our Bath Bombs and Shower Steamers

How to use our Bath Bombs and Shower Steamers

Our shower steamers and bath bombs are some of our bestselling products. If you are new to our products, you might be curious to know how these products work. One commonly asked question is “How do I use a shower steamer/bath bomb?” There are a couple of different ways you can use them, depending on what experience you want to have. 

Bath Bomb Tablet: 

You can simply drop the tab into your bath water to release effervescent fizz and lush foam. Our Bath Bombs are slow releasing to ensure your bathing experience isn’t over in 30 seconds! As the Bath Bomb falls into the water, it will change the color of your bath water, creating a vibrant, fun, colorful experience. 

For a Bubble Bath, place the tab directly under running water to activate, and find yourself immersed in a mountain of bubbles, fun to play with and pretty to look at. 

 Feel free to break one of our tablets in half when creating a bubble bath for your little ones! Save the other half for a rainy day. Our bath bombs are made with phthalate free scents and skin safe colorants, making them gentle enough even for the smallest bathers! 

Our bath bombs come in a variety of colors and scents, allowing you to have a different experience with each bath bomb. Want a bath that makes you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation? How about a bath that makes you feel like you’re soaking in the sunshine? Our variety of bath bombs will allow you to have it all. Trust us when we say that our bath bombs are not just a bath product, they are an experience!

Shower Steamers: 

Our shower steamers are designed to turn your shower into a therapeutic, spa-like experience. Once the water hits the tab, the essential oils in the tabs will surround you in a steamy cloud of aromatic heavenliness. Simply let the aroma fill the air and let your worries dissolve just like the shower steamer. In order to have this experience, place the shower tab away from the direct spray of water. A simple splash will activate the tab! 


When the tab is placed directly under the stream of water, the tab will dissolve too quickly, along with your soothing spa experience. When using the shower steamer correctly, you can get multiple uses out of them. It’s like going to the spa multiple times, but only paying for one trip! (Not to mention, our shower steamers are significantly more affordable than a trip to the spa). 


If you want all the benefits of the shower steamer but you prefer to unwind in a warm bath rather than a shower, no worries! Our shower steamers are bath friendly as well. For an aromatic, fizzing bath, drop the shower steamer directly into the bath water and allow the velvety coconut oil of the steamers to moisturize every inch of your body. 


What is it that you’re seeking? Is it clarity? Rejuvenation? Uplifting? Maybe you need to be soothed or maybe you want to awaken your senses. You might be surprised to discover that our shower steamers are named after these experiences, designed with the intention of giving you a piece of them. With the shower steamers, you can find what you seek with no effort on your part.

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