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Goat Milk Soap vs. Vegan Soap: Here's why Vegan Soap is Better

If we had a dollar for every time we’re asked if we sell goat milk soap, we would have enough money to buy a small goat farm. The answer we always give to people is simple: No, we don’t sell goat milk soap. All of our soaps are 100% vegan! 

We understand why goat milk soap is popular. After all, the benefits seem to be extensive. But we love our vegan soap and we want to explain why it takes the cake in comparison to goat milk soap. 

Ingredients matter to us. Most soaps that are sold on the market are actually detergents, and are not real soap at all. Our soap is made using a combination of carefully selected saponified oils. If you are attracted to goat milk soap because of its ingredients, then we know you will love the ingredients in our soap! Rock Creek Soaps are natural and 100% detergent free. On top of that, our soap is sulfate free, phthalate free, and paraben free. Because goat milk soap is derived from animals, it can easily grow bacteria which often requires the addition of preservatives that can actually be harmful to your skin and body. Our vegan soap is 100% natural and it has ingredients that you will actually recognize!

Goat milk soap is promoted as being great for cleaning and moisturizing the skin because of its high fat content. Trust us when we say that our soap's ingredients are equally “fatty”. Our soaps contain fatty acids from natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, avocado oil, and castor oil, which are healthy and nourishing for the skin. These fatty acids also help to increase the soaps lather-making it a real and effective soap. In addition to the natural oils, our soaps contain both shea butter and cocoa butter which are both known for their skin nourishing properties. So while goat milk soap contains one beneficial ingredient, our vegan soap contains a plethora of healthy natural ingredients with skin loving fatty acids that will leave your skin thanking you!

The main ingredient in goat milk soap that makes it beneficial for the skin is the actual goat’s milk. The quality of the goat milk can impact the quality of the soap - which means that the quality of the soap can lack consistency. The benefits of the soap come from the milk, but it can be hard to trace how much milk is actually in each bar of soap, which means that it can be hard to say whether or not each bar is equally effective. Our customers love our soaps because the quality is consistent! Every single time you use one of our bars of soap, you can be assured that you are always getting the same thing: Soap that your skin loves. 

Our vegan soaps are also amazing because of their shelf life! Because goat milk soap contains milk, the bars can easily go bad if they are not stored properly. Our soaps don’t expire or go bad - they age like wine! We have soaps in our personal collection that are four or five and even 7 years old that we still use and they are just as great as they were the day we made them. With our soaps, you never have to worry about the soap going bad and they will last for years stored in your bathroom closet. 

Goat milk has a distinctive smell, which can carry into the soap if soapmakers do not add fragrance to the goat milk soap. Our soap is beautiful looking and effective, but one thing our customers always compliment us on is the smell of our soaps! With over 20 different fragrances in our collection, we have a scent for everyone! Not to mention, our fragrances are phthalate free, so they are safe to use!

Ultimately, our soaps have the same benefits as goat milk soap, if not more benefits! Our soaps have all the same great benefits without the exploitation of animals. Rather than produce soap from animals, we create soap that is inspired by animals! (Check out our Home on the Range animal collection here). We don’t need goat milk in our soap in order for it to be effective, our ingredients speak for themselves! We pride ourselves on selling products that are vegan and cruelty free. We love our vegan soap, and we know you (and your skin) will love it too!
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