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Introducing our Bath Bombs

Introducing our Bath Bombs

There is almost nothing that is more relaxing than a warm bubble bath after a long day. Baths are a way for many people to unwind and treat themselves. 

For children, getting them into the bathtub can be a struggle without the appeal of bath toys and fun bath products to make the bath an exciting experience. 

Whether you are wanting to enhance your relaxation in the bath or you are trying to convince your child that a bath is the most fun thing they could do, let our bath bombs help you! 

Our bath bombs come in multiple different colors, so with a variety pack, you can create a colorful experience for you or your children in the tub. You would be surprised how enticing a bath can be for a child if the bathwater is their favorite color! 

If a good smelling bath is what you most desire, then we have good news! Our bath bombs come in six different rich scents that smell so good, your mouth will be watering. With the help of our bath bombs, your bath water will leave you feeling clean and smelling amazing!

There are so many cosmetic products on the market that have harsh ingredients. As a parent, it can be hard to navigate which products contain ingredients that are safe for your child to use. Kids have sensitive skin, and some bath products can cause irritation in both children and adults. As a company that prioritizes family values, we believe in creating products that are safe for the whole family to use! This is why our bath bombs are created with phthalte free scents and skin safe colorants, safe for even the smallest bathers to use. 

Now that you know a little more about our bath bombs, it’s time that you met them.

Wild Nectar: 

Wild Nectar comes in the color green, and it smells like blue agave, sweet coconut, lush cactus fruit, and fresh citrus. With green bath water and scents like those, you will feel like you’re soaking in the ocean on an island vacation instead of soaking in your bathtub! 

Warm Amber: 

Warm Amber is the perfect bath bomb for lovers of all things pink. This sweet pink bath bomb smells like rustic black amber and musky vanilla. Smelling this bath bomb is like feeling a warm hug from a loved one. For feelings of warmth and love, Warm Amber is the perfect bath bomb. 

Sweet Sunshine: 

For a dose of sunshine, try our Sweet Sunshine bath bomb. Bright yellow just like the sun, Sweet Sunshine smells like fresh pineapple and sweet mint. For all the times you were daydreaming of laying in the sunshine but weren’t able to, Sweet Sunshine gives you the next closest experience. With your eyes closed, bathing with Sweet Sunshine and warm water can feel pretty darn close to actually being in the sunshine.

Paradise Valley: 

Paradise Valley comes in orange, and smells like oakmoss, amber, lavender, warm peaches, and Tonka beans. Let this bath bomb transform your bathtub into a tropical paradise, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself craving a peach afterward!

Mountain Berries: 

If loving the color purple is a major part of your personality, then the Mountain Berries bath bomb is a great source of purple for you. Mountain Berries bath bombs smell like exactly what the name implies: wild mountain huckleberries, and sweet black raspberries. Although the bath bombs are not safe for consumption, these bath bombs certainly smell sweet enough to eat. 

Hidden Falls: 

Hidden Falls is for the cool blue lovers. The crystal blue waters of hidden waterfalls that these bath bombs are named after will be envious of the beauty of your bath water when you use the Hidden Falls bath bombs. Hidden Falls smells like deep waters, clean air, and fresh fruit. 

If you are feeling indecisive about which bath bomb you want to introduce into your life, don’t worry! You can grab the entire collection from our website and try them all!

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