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Natural Deodorant: Why it’s better for you

Natural Deodorant: Why it’s better for you

Having an antiperspirant isn't as good as it sounds! Sure having dry armpits on a hot summer day is amazing but when you use an antiperspirant instead of a natural deodorant you are doing your body a HUGE disservice. But How?

Sweating is not just an uncomfortable disruption in your day, it is actually vital for cooling you down, and releasing toxins from your body.  So having that antiperspirant there while you work, play, and exercise is locking toxins in your body, and causing stress on those sweat glands.

Some skincare brands put things in their products to solve a problem but create another problem in the process. Antiperspirants do something similar- overtime they actually make you smell remarkably worse. How? By clogging your pores and locking those toxins into your body.

Along with some of the other injustices antiperspirants do to your body many of them contain aluminum. Why is Aluminum in your deodorant bad? High levels of aluminum are found to prompt gene instability in breast tissue thus the growth of tumors and other cancerous cells. Thousands of women go untreated and undiagnosed each year, but this isn’t just an issue for women but for men as well. 

The University of Health News Daily found that aluminum also functions as a neurotoxin which is defined as “a poison which acts on the nervous system.” They found that by sneaking into the brain using transport mechanisms, it gathers in sensitive tissues in the brain causing inflammation in the brain, causing energy deficits.

In basic terms it disrupts your body's natural homeostasis (balance).

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Now you might be wondering: if my antiperspirant contains baking soda is that also an issue? Not necessarily. Now, if you are consistently getting rashes, itchiness, discoloration or any other irritations from your deodorant this is most often caused by a baking soda sensitivity. We recommend using Smarty Pits Sensitive Skin formula because it uses magnesium instead of baking soda.

How can we escape from what seems like a never ending cycle of clogging our pores to save ourselves from those embarrassing sweat stains under our arms? Well, Smarty Pits is a great Natural Deodorant that we sell in our retail store! You will have a few weeks of detoxing your armpits, but once you get past that period of detoxification you will be on your way to your healthiest self. During this detox period you will want to drink lots of water, wear loose clothing (this helps avoid yellowing color from your body flushing the aluminum), avoid large amounts of sugar and alcohol, and use charcoal soap to help clean out your pores (Our favorite is Starry Night)

SmartyPits also tells us that “Diet, exercise level, and personal body chemistry can all play a role in how your body responds to different natural deodorants.” and that it is important to watch how your body responds to certain things in order to decide which of their formulas to choose from.

Smarty Pits will not stain your clothes, turn them yellow or clog your pores. It has a phthalate-free fragrance which means they are not endocrine disrupting, they do not contain phthalates, parabens, or any of those nasty chemicals that disrupt your natural homeostasis!

Needless to say SmartyPits is here for the better and we are so excited for you to stop in to our retail store to pick some up!

Remember: Life is an Adventure, Never settle for Ordinary.

Sweet Orange Bergamot Natural super strength smarty pits deodorant

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University of Health News Daily

-Danielle Brower 2/13/2023

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