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Colors and Scents with stories to tell:

Colors and Scents with stories to tell:

What kind of story could a soap bar possibly tell? Well, that depends on what adventures you take it on! If you leave it on a wet shower shelf, it's not going to have much to say.  However,  if you pack it in a travel container and take it hiking, camping, or backpacking…  oh the tales it will tell!

Now let's be real soap can’t talk but if it did what would yours say? Would yours be the lonely one melting away in the water? Or would it be slipping across rocks in a creek?  

Soap really can dissolve or “melt” in your shower or sink side if you don’t have it in a well-draining area.  Water slowly degrades soap bars, causing you to get less bang for your buck so make sure to keep those bars dry when you’re not using them! But can it melt in other ways too? No! Our cold processed soap doesn’t need refrigeration or to be stored in a cold area, feel free to take it to the lake in the middle of July for post-BBQ hand washing, just make sure to not let go, our soaps aren’t very good at swimming! 

Is it actually safe to take these soaps to the lake?? I mean they have colors and scents! And what about the packaging?? Good news! Our soaps are perfectly safe for the lake, beach, and your hikes in the woods! Our bar soaps come packaged in biodegradable boxes made from recycled cardboard. Our colors do not stain your skin, wildlife, or any part of nature! So if you do decide that your bar wants to go for a swim or it wants to trek beside you on the trail DO NOT FRET. All of our refreshing scents are phthalate-free meaning they have no endocrine disruptors in them! Our soaps are not made with detergents or plastics and they're not full of chemicals, so they promise not to contaminate the water and trail.

Not only are our soaps good for you but they're good for the environment, and our economy. Rock Creek Soaps is a women-owned and operated small business in Billings, Montana and we love to give back to our community.  Our soaps are Phthalate, Paraben, and Sulfate free, they are not tested on animals- our ingredients, packaging & our product testing- no components that go into making Rock Creek Soaps products are tested on animals! (they may be tested on us... but that's because we want them to work great for you!), we ship our materials responsibly- we purchase locally in the US to help with not creating ocean waste, supporting our US economy, and making sure to keep our cost at a price you can afford!

We put care and attention into every product we make here at Rock Creek Soaps and we want to make sure that you, and your soap ;) are getting the most out of this adventurous life!

Why settle for ordinary when adventure is out there? 


-Danielle Brower 2/20/2023

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