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How It's Made: Everything You Need To Know About Loofah Soap

How It's Made: Everything You Need To Know About Loofah Soap

What is Loofah? 

Loofah comes from the Luffa Plant, which is a member of the pumpkin, squash, and gourd family. This plant has a sponge-like appearance and texture, which gave it its nickname of the “vegetable sponge.” Its sponge-like properties make it a great cleaning tool that is most often used for washing dishes, but that’s not all the plant is good for! 

The texture of the loofah makes it great for exfoliating skin. The loofah is textured enough to remove the layer of dull looking skin that contains dead skin cells, and gentle enough to do so without harming or irritating healthy skin underneath. Massaging the loofah against the skin while in the shower is also known to improve blood circulation

How is Loofah Soap Made? 

Our bestselling Loofah Soap makes having great skin so much easier! By adding a layer of buttermilk soap and a layer of glycerin soap on either side of the Loofah, the Loofah Soap combines gentle exfoliation and moisturizing hydration for your skin. 


To make the Loofah Soap, our production team cuts and measures out the buttermilk soap and glycerin soap and melts them on a stovetop. Melting the soap returns it to liquid form, which allows us to add mineral micas for color, and phthalate free fragrance. In its liquid form, we can also change the shape of the soap. Once the soap is melted, the first layer of buttermilk soap is poured into circular silicone molds.

Double Boiler Pots

While the first layer of soap is still in liquid form, the Loofah is added. The Loofah comes in circular sizes, which allows it to fit perfectly in the mold. Before the loofah is added to the soap, our production team removes any seeds that might still be in the Loofah. Once the first layer of soap has hardened, the second layer of Glycerin Soap is added to the top. Our team leaves the Loofah Soap overnight to harden completely.


Loofah PlantRed Loofah Mold


As lovers of the planet and environment, we use as little packaging as possible for the Loofah Soaps. The Loofah Soap is packaged with a biodegradable shrink wrap. Each Loofah Soap is placed inside of the biodegradable wrap, and then the wrap is shrunk to fit around the soap using a heat gun. 

As you can see by the process of making the Loofah Soap, the ingredients of the soap are simple. The natural goodness of the Loofah Plant is matched with all natural ingredients that are safe for you and your skin. The Loofah Soap does not contain any harsh chemicals or harmful preservatives, only ingredients that are natural and nourishing. 


What Type of Loofah Soap Can I Get? 

Our original Rocky Mountain Collection of Loofah Soap is available in six different colors/scents. Here’s a quick guide to help you learn more about this colorful collection: 

Warm Amber (Red): Black Amber and Vanilla with Fresh Lavender 

Sweet Sunshine (Yellow): Fresh Pineapple and Sweet Mint

Hidden Falls (Blue): Deep Waters, Clean Air, and Fresh Fruit

Wild Nectar (Green): Blue Agave, Sweet Coconut, Lush Cactus Fruit, and 

Fresh Citrus

Mountain Berries (Purple): Wild Mountain Huckleberries and Sweet 

Black Raspberries

Paradise Valley (Orange): Oakmoss, Amber, Lavender, Warm Peach, 

and Tonka Beans

You can get the entire Colorful Collection and discover your favorite on our website here.

Colorful Loofah

Our new collection combines everything that is already great about the Loofah Soap with essential oils. Essential oils have many benefits when their aroma is inhaled or when they are applied directly to the skin. Our Loofah Soap is a great way to inhale the aroma of the essential oils and absorb them through the skin at the same time. This collection features four different Essential Oil Loofah Soaps, each named after what the aromatherapy of the essential oils will help you to achieve: 

Clarity: Lemongrass and Lavender

Relief: Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Lavender 

Rejuvenate: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon

Soothing: Lavender

You can try out the entire collection on our website here

Essential Oil Loofah

Our team loves making these Loofah Soaps, but we know that you will love using them even more! By combining exfoliation, moisturization, and aromatherapy, the Loofah Soap serves as a one stop shop. Everything you need in one affordable product? What’s not to love?!

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