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Aromatherapy at Work: How we make our Bath Bombs and Shower Steamers

Aromatherapy at Work: How we make our Bath Bombs and Shower Steamers

It is easy to enjoy the Rock Creek Soaps products without ever thinking twice, but have you ever wondered what kind of work goes into creating these products? From the creation of the product to the packaging, has your curiosity about the product's origins ever been piqued? 

Sure, we make exceptional bath products, but how? What is it about our processes that helps to make our products so great? We wanted to invite you to take a look behind the scenes here at Rock Creek Soaps as we discuss the life of a shower steamer/bath bomb. 

At each stage of production, we keep our customers in mind. The process of creating bath bombs and shower steamers begins with something simple: ingredients. Combining ingredients seems simple enough, but each ingredient that is used in these products was meticulously chosen with care. If you know anything about us, you will know that at Rock Creek Soaps, we care about doing what is good (For our customers, for the environment, and for our community). This is why we use natural and safe ingredients. For instance, all of our products are phthalate-, paraben-, and sulfate free. 

You can feel good about the ingredients we use. For years, we went through the trial and error process-figuring out how to create the perfect shower steamer and bath bomb while using safe and natural ingredients. We went through the hard work of perfecting these products so that you could enjoy them care-free! So rest assured, knowing that you are getting the best possible product. 

When it comes to differences between the shower steamers and bath bombs, the processes are mostly the same. Both products contain the same main ingredients, although a few ingredients differ in order to cater to the needs of the product. For instance, some ingredients are included in the bath bombs that are specifically meant to create more bubbles, while the shower steamers contain ingredients that help with fizzing. 

We combine our wet ingredients and dry ingredients in a high-grade mixer to ensure full immersion. After a thorough mixture, we are left with a bowl of powdery base. This base is weighed out by one production team member, and then passed off to another. Each bath bomb and shower steamer is measured out so that we can guarantee that each finished product weighs the same. This means that you will never have to worry about inconsistent quantity or quality. 

Mixing IngredientsBath Bomb Base

Another production team member takes the weighed out base and presses it into shape with a pressurized bath bomb press. That’s right. Each and every shower steamer and bath bomb gets pressed individually, one at a time. 

Filling MoldTab Press

After the steamers or bath bombs are pressed, they are left to rest overnight. This allows them to harden and solidify into their shape. The next day, the packaging process begins. This process begins by shrink wrapping each and every steamer/bath bomb. Because we care about doing what’s right for the environment, our steamers and bath bombs are wrapped in a biodegradable shrink wrap.

Filling Tab Mold

 Once covered in shrink wrap, the steamers and bath bombs are placed through a heat tunnel that tightens the shrink wrap to the tab. The shrink wrap ensures that the steamer/bath bomb will stay intact during the shipping process. If you would prefer to order your steamers or bath bombs without the shrink wrap, don’t worry. We take extra precautions during the packing process to make sure that the tabs will be protected during shipping. 

Once the shower steamers and bath bombs are shrink wrapped, they are ready to be packaged. For individual sale, each shower steamer/bath bomb gets packaged individually. Our team stamps each box with a batch lot number, and sets up the boxes for the tabs to be placed into. This process can be tedious, but you can feel good knowing that any product you use has been paid special care and attention to by a team member. For bulk orders, steamers and bath bombs are rolled with wrapping paper. Don’t be alarmed when you hear box or wrapping paper, because all of our packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable. 

Once our team has packaged the steamers and bath bombs, they are set aside and stored on our shelves until they are ordered by you! At that point, our shipping team packages your order with cautious care, writes a personalized thank you note, and sends it out the door. We have officially come full circle. 

Packed Order

Now that you know how our shower steamers and bath bombs are made, you will probably never look at them the same way! Although you will still enjoy the product all the same, you can appreciate the product in a new way, knowing how much care goes into creating the product. 

So, next time you are treating yourself to an aromatherapy shower or a relaxing bath, you can feel special now that you are knowledgeable about the entire behind the scenes process. Although you don’t get the shower steamer/bath bomb until it arrives in the mail, trust us when we say that you are still a part of the entire process. Our products start and end with you. 

Become a part of the process today by shopping for shower steamers and bath bombs on our website today.
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