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Here to raise the "Bar" for Skincare

Here at RCS, our goal is to raise the “bar” for skincare! We’re here for the eco-conscious adventurer who wants healthy, eco-friendly skincare products. Rock Creek Soaps provides natural bath and body care that is safe for you and the environment.

Did you know that the United States throws away over 2.5 million plastic bottles every HOUR? We understand that guilty feeling you get after throwing away all of your empty shower bottles. That's why one of our biggest goals is to help you get high-quality products without all that wasteful packaging, our products are placed in biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable packaging.

Another way we like to raise the bar is by offering natural products that don’t all smell the same and are not boring or dull, here at Rock Creek Soaps we offer something more than a product, we offer an experience, a beautiful and complex blend of fragrances & unique scents, with micas that will not stain your skin.

Most people use Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, and Lip Balm daily. If you go into a Big Box Store and pull an average “big name” product off the shelf for each of these items the amount of ingredients you're putting on your body is alarming. With just these five products (even if they claim to be natural) you’re looking at over 125 unique ingredients soaking into your skin every single day. However, if you shop Rock Creek Soaps we only use about 26 ingredients in those 5 different products, and overall our products still only have 50 base ingredients! We want only the best skin-safe ingredients going into our products!

Shopping for skincare shouldn't be hard! If you’re reading this blog you’re in the right place! We'd love for you to check out some of our other blogs, some of our most popular ones are: “Colors & Scents with Stories to Tell” & “After Sun Care”, and we're always here to help so feel free to reach out! Hop into our email inbox, or stop in to our retail store, we're open 10-4 M-Th at 2319 4th Ave N. Since you're on our site already, we'd love for you to check out our best-selling soap collection here (LINK home on the range)

Whether you put our soap in your bathroom, or next to your kitchen sink Rock Creek Soaps is here to raise the “bar” for you & your family.

Danielle Brower


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