HOLIDAY SOAP 5 piece Limited Edition Collection

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Welcome to our Holiday Limited Edition Collection, our 5 piece set includes all 5 of our holiday soaps!

Winter Spice is hands down wintery Christmas! It smells like you stuck your head in a Christmas tree and take in all the holiday smells of spice, and pine trees.

Cranberries with spice and woodland notes of balsam and spruce. This soap is so refreshing with a subtle spicy warmth.

Pumpkin Spice! Whether you love it or hate it you’ll love how this bar of soap smells and feels! It’s pumpkin spice with a twist of warm apples and flaky butter crust.

Orchard Harvest is a favorite of ours, easy to smell, and easy to use. We love it! Picture an Apple Orchard with your favorite people, picking crisp green granny smith apples surrounded by fall smells, fresh oak, and acorns. Absolutely lovely!

Apple Cinnamon smells just how you’d expect, but even better! It’s warm, spicy, a little crisp and sweet just like a fresh apple!

All Limited Edition soaps come with recyclable shrink wrap (covid-safe) and a sticker label.
Key ingredients: Avocado oil, shea butter & cocoa butter
Phthalate-free fragrance
No animal testing
Ingredients: saponified oils of coconut, sustainable organic palm, castor, olive, avocado, shea butter, cocoa butter
Uses kitchen, bath, body, hands, moisturizing, clean rinse soap. Cold Process Soap