Beach Waves Texture Spray

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Beach Waves Texture Spray


You’re going to love the way that PureHair Beach Waves Texture Spray will add a lovely, wavy, texture to your hair, all with the most simple, pure, ingredients.  It’s great for on-the-go style without hassle or harsh chemicals.  Keep your hair looking healthy, beachy, beautiful with these rich ocean minerals.      

Suitable For~ Textured Hair, Beach Waves, Static and Frizz Reducer 

How to Use~ Spritz over dry hair and tousle it gently with your fingers for beach wavy hair. Reduces static and frizz.  Perfect for use with our Refresh Dry Shampoo to complete your fresh from the beach look. 

Star Ingredients~ Atlantic Sea Salt

Vegan, Gluten Free

Phthalate Free Phthalate Free

Paraben Free Paraben Free

Sulfate Free Sulfate Free

Not tested on Animals Not Tested on Animals