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Mini Magic Bath Bomb Making Kit

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This kit will contain enough bath bomb mix and bath bomb molds to make 4 egg shaped bath bombs.  They are a variety pack of egg designs.   Choose from Pink (Raspberry Vanilla) or Blue (Rainbow Sherbet) bath bomb mix.

This kit is set up to be super easy, we've made it so the scent and color are pre-mixed for little to no mess.  Just add a few drops of water (maybe a tsp) to the colored powder, mix mix mix, then add the white powder (citric acid) and mix, and fill your molds.  

You can let the eggs dry with the bath bombs still in them if you like, just crack the seam open before tossing in the tub.  You can also use them right away if needed! No need to wait.  If desired, using one of the eggs that has breathing holes, fill the bath bomb half full of crumbled mix, and then toss in the tub and it will spurt out the holes.  You can't make a mistake with this formula, if it gets too wet, your eggs will hilariously expand (then just let dry and i'll still work in the tub), and if its too dry, just fill the eggs part way and save the rest of the mix for the next tubtime!  

As with all our special products, this item ships free and is limited edition!  

Package Contains: Fun, Bath Bomb Colored Mix, Citric Acid Mix, 4 Egg Bath Bomb molds, and simple easy to understand instructions. 

Package does not include gloves, or mixing bowl. 

Ingredients:Bath Bomb Colored Mix:  Baking Soda, Phthalate free Scent, Poly 80 (to make tub not slippery) avocado oil, FD&C Blue 1, Red 33.  Citric Acid.

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